Jessica Sligter b. 1983


MAR - Master Artistic Research, Royal Conservatory The Hague / Royal Visual Arts Academy The Hague / University of Leiden, completed 2013

Bachelor Jazz Singing at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, completed 2006

Outtakes of Activity:

2022 Celler og Vev, compositions for ensemble Deborah Walker / Magda Mayas / Sarah Saviet, for videowork by artist Mai Hofstad Gunnes. Rewritten for live performance at Gaudeamus Festival in Utrecht, NL.
Shapes I, composition commissioned by Ensemble neoN & Ultima Festival. Performed by Karin Hellqvist, Yumi Murakami, and Sigrid Aker Johnsen from Ensemble neoN with Jessica Sligter.

2021    - ongoing. Artistic leader at Nuts And Bolts, association in Norway and Germany, promoting decentralized and experimental discourses and activities in music technology.

2020   WoNoMuTe digital workshops, Introduction to Reaper, and Introduction to Reverb and Delay. 

2019   The New Pope TV Series featured Sligter’s composition/recording The Great Unveiling in three episodes, published on among others Netflix and Sky.

2019    Cry Me A River - theatrepiece by Karen Røise Kielland and Katja Dreyer. Sound design and original music by Sligter.

2019   Nuts And Bolts tutorials - gear-tutorial videos by various artists, production a.o. by Sligter. Published on Youtube channel NaB.

2019   thesis mentor at dBs university program, Berlin.

2018    (Untitled) - 30 minute composition by Sarah Hennies and Jessica Sligter. Premiered at Le Guess Who? Festival, Utrecht. 

2018   Nuts And Bolts podcast - interviews, edit and mix by Sligter. Published by The Quietus magazine (UK). 

2018    Untitled #2 / The Mute (Unsounds) - composition Wilbert Bulsink & Jessica Sligter, text and production by Sligter. 

2018    Movements I - 10 minute composition for Tøyen Fil og Klafferi, premiered at nyMusikk Bergen, then performed at Only Connect 2020. 

2018    Gain/AKKS Bergen guest teacher at course production for young women. 

2018    Polycrisis:yes! (Butler & Butler)- composition and text by Sligter, includes quotes of lectures written by/for Jean-Claude Juncker, track 3 and 8 by Sligter, Lindvall and Sagstuen. Producer: Sligter, mixed by Sligter & Kyrre Låstad. 

2017 - ongoing   Advisor for Performing Arts Fund in the Netherlands.

2017    Big Bang Shiny - theatrepiece by Karen Røise Kielland. Sounddesign and original music by Sligter.

2016    A Sense Of Growth (Hubro) - composition and text by Sligter, string-arrangements by Eyvind Kang. Producers: Randall Dunn and Sligter. Mixed by Randall Dunn.

2016    Two Figures - 15 minute composition by Sligter for Oslo14 vocal ensemble.

2016   Om Kjønnede Rom i Musikkbransjen - article published in FETT Magazine.

2016   Anmelderens plass i rosøkonomien - chronicle published in Morgenbladet.

2014    Svale, Røyk og Sørgepil - theatrepiece by Karen Røise Kielland and Anne Rooschüz. Sounddesign and original music by Sligter.

2014    We Live On A Star - 10 minutes commissioned compositions by Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, performed with Susanna, Jo Berger Myhre and Andreas S. Løwe.

2014    Untitled #1 - 20 minutes composition by Wilbert Bulsink & Jessica Sligter, text by Sligter. Commissioned by Gaudeamus Stichting in utrecht.

2013    The Dark Passenger: Rituals - 45 minute composition by Jenny Hval & Jessica Sligter, commissioned by Kapittel Festial in Stavanger. 

2012    Fear And The Framing (Hubro) - composition and text by Sligter, track 2 by Ole-Henrik Moe, Martin Taxt and Sligter. Producer: Sligter, mixed by Randall Dunn.

2012   Air Bergen Residency

2011    Window’s A Fall (Trust Me Records), Sacred Harp band. Text by Sligter, co-composition, co-arrangement and co-production by Sligter, Juhani Silvola and Øystein Skar. Mix by Bjarne Stensli.

2010    Balls & Kittens, Draught & Strangling Rain (Hubro), JÆ (pseudonym Sligter) - text and music by Sligter. Mixed by Mark Nevers. 

2009    (self titled) (The Perfect Hoax), Sacred Harp band, EP. Text by Sligter, co-composition, co-arrangement and co-production by Sligter, Juhani Silvola and Øystein Skar. 

2008    The Forming of the Shaping (Dansefot Records), JÆ (pseudonym Sligter), EP. Mixed by Sligter, mastered by Helge Sten.

2007, 2008, 2009, 2011   Nordic Sounds - festival/showcase tour of underground Norwegian bands in the Netherlands. Initiator and organiser: Sligter.

2007    Someone New (D’Autres Cordes Records), The Story of Modern Farming. Textwriter and producer: Sligter, co-composition Louise Jensen and Sligter.

2006 - 2016   private vocal teacher.

2003   Pim Jacob’s Muziekprijs winner.

2000 - ongoing   concertbooking and organisation. Tours in the EU, Scandinavia, USA, the Arab World, Japan.